Monday, January 9, 2012

Romans 5:2 And We Rejoice In The Hope Of The Glory Of God.

We may not want to rejoice or feel like rejoicing when we are in pain. Pain takes the joy out of our life. However, our Lord is greater than our pain. Our Lord gives us hope when hope would seem to be impossible. Our Lord stands against pain. Our Lord is so against pain He has made for us a special place called heaven where pain is banished forever. Because we have a loving God, we can rejoice in hope He is always with us and for us. Our God is not is some far off place. Our God through the Holy Spirit is within us, whether we are in pain or not. God continually comes to be with us in our pain and sorrow. Not only is God with us in our pain and sorrow, He will be with us until we are with Him in heaven.

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