Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hebrews 10:38 But My Righteous One Will Live By Faith. And If He Shrinks Back, I Will Not Be Pleased With Him." 39 But We Are Not Of Those Who Shrink Back And Are Destroyed, But Of Those Who Believe And Are Saved.

When we are in pain, living by faith is as much of a challenge as living with the pain. Living by faith mandates we never quit, never relent, and never turn back. Our faith in Christ demonstrates over the history of our faith how millions of Christians have refused to quit. The blood of our Christian martyrs cries out to us to never quit our faith regardless of our pain. We must keep going at all costs, against all odds. In every trial we must call upon Christ who died to set us free. In every moment of our anguish we must look to Christ who suffered His own anguish…anguish infinitely greater than our own pain. We must always refuse to quit. We must always refuse to give up. We shall have victory in Christ only if we persevere and never quit. In every circumstance God is present with us, within us, over us, and under us.

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