Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mark 13:11 Whenever You Are Arrested And Brought To Trial, Do Not Worry Beforehand About What To Say. Just Say Whatever Is Given You At The Time, For It Is Not You Speaking, But The Holy Spirit.

We are seldom arrested by the police because of our pain. What we do experience is a time when our pain makes us silent. Not knowing what to say in our pain can lead us to say nothing at all. In those times when we are put into silence, we must let God speak to us. In our silence from our pain, we must let the Lord give us His words of healing, love, kindness, and compassion. In those times when we are doubled over and silent, God can become more real for us than at any other time. We may know God loves us, but do we know He loves us when we are in the deep darkness of our pain? God does give us messages via the Holy Spirit. In our hurt and heartbreak, God comes to us in the Spirit to tell us how much He loves us. Our healing may not become complete in the here and now. Our healing will definitely become complete in the hereafter.

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