Thursday, January 19, 2012

Luke 12:37 It Will Be Good For Those Servants Whose Master Finds Them Watching When He Comes. I Tell You The Truth, He Will Dress Himself To Serve, Will Have Them Recline At The Table And Will Come And Wait On Them.

Some of us may be in so much pain we are not fully capable of working as the Lord’s servants in the way we might like to work. However, we must seek out every opportunity to work for Him. No matter how much pain we might be suffering at the moment, each of us can pray for others. Our power of prayer can do more for others than many of the worldly tasks we might perform on their behalf. Let each of us be a worker for our Lord by being a prayer warrior for others. When we can do little else, we can pray. Prayers to the Lord can bring down mountains of blessings into the life of those of those for whom we pray.

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