Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ephes. 5:15 Be Very Careful, Then, How You Live--Not As Unwise But As Wise, 16 Making The Most Of Every Opportunity, Because The Days Are Evil.

We have wisdom, but do we use the wisdom we have? Too many times, too many people live in self-imposed blindness. We can see the consequences of our actions but we too often choose not to see. If we would use our wisdom as God would want, we would always look at every circumstance as an opportunity to live for God, rather than living for ourselves. Living in pain can make us careless. Our pain blinds us to seeing the eventualities of our decisions. Our pain can make us care less about the consequences of our life because our pain destroys our ability to use our wisdom. Under enough pain, we can get to a point of not caring about others, ourselves, or our actions. At this point of not caring, we must use our wisdom to see what our pain is doing to us and take corrective action. Our corrective action in our pain is to be careful how we live. We must be careful about the decisions we make. We must be careful to put Christ in every moment.

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