Monday, January 2, 2012

Luke 14:27 And Anyone Who Does Not Carry His Cross And Follow Me Cannot Be My Disciple.

Jesus is telling us we must bear up under our pain and adversities. Not only must be bear up under our adversities, we are to follow Him at the same time. We are not to wilt under the load of our life. We are to remain strong, even in pain, and walk His narrow path. To be a true follower of Jesus means we make no excuses…we pray continually for others…and we move forward no matter what the cost might be to us. Certainly, those of us who live in pain have real reasons why we might wish to quit or give up, but we must not quit. If Satan won every time Satan delivered a blow against us, Satan would have already won the world. Your life rests in the hands of God yet Satan tries to get you to turn away from God. No matter what kind of temptation you face, no matter what kind of past mistakes you have made, no matter what kind of pain you carry now or in the future, God loves you beyond measure. Because God loves you beyond measure, He needs you to never walk any other path than His path.

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