Thursday, January 5, 2012

1 Peter 1:8 Though You Have Not Seen Him, You Love Him; And Even Though You Do Not See Him Now, You Believe In Him And Are Filled With An Inexpressible And Glorious Joy,

No matter how much pain we are in, we have resources. We may be helpless but we are not totally helpless. We may be attacked from every side, but we are not without weapons. We are not helpless or defenseless because the living Christ and His power are within us. Because Christ and His power are within us, we are filled with inexpressible and glorious joy. Even in pain, our joy, although diminished, is still very real. No matter how much of an attack the pain may bring, we shall not be defeated because we have the joy of Christ who brings us everlasting life. We are often baffled by the mechanics of how the love and joy of our faith can be of assistance to us. Although we may be baffled, the reality of the love of Christ and His power overcome things of the world like our pain. We may not have scientific explanations for the power of Christ. We may not have clinical medical reasons for how Christ, God, and prayer work in our life. However, even without reasons, two thousand years of testimonies by persons whose life has been changed, and whose pain has been lessened, stand as clear evidence of what we know to be truth.

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