Saturday, January 28, 2012

Job 6:10 Then I Would Still Have This Consolation-- My Joy In Unrelenting Pain-- That I Had Not Denied The Words Of The Holy One.

We all want a pain free life. Pain puts a terrible pollutant into our life. We want the ultimate freedom from pain, suffering, and loss. We all realize how life cannot be pain free, even when we despise what the pain does to us. Suffering injury and hurt happens to nearly everyone. There are many kinds of injuries. We have spiritual, emotional, and physical pain from many sources. When we suffer hurt from any source for any reason, we must remember Satan is always the cause of our hurt, pain, injury, and loss. We could have a perfect world if Satan would be bound up and kept from pouring his evil pain upon our life. When we are under satanic attack of any kind, we must push our heart, soul, and life into the hands of Christ. Jesus wants us to give Him our life, no matter what condition our life might be in at the moment. We may have to use force and power to give Christ our life, especially when Satan has bound us up in his evil tentacles.

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