Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hebrews 10:36 You Need To Persevere So That When You Have Done The Will Of God, You Will Receive What He Has Promised. 37 For In Just A Very Little While, "He Who Is Coming Will Come And Will Not Delay.

When life beats us up, we hurt. When we have pain of any kind we are pushed off our bearings and can feel totally lost. Pain disorients us and we have trouble stabilizing ourselves. Pain, whether the pain comes upon us suddenly or gradually, can make us emotionally numb while we lose contact with our normal world. When we are hurt we must hurry to maintain our balance in the face of painful consequences. We are to try to adjust as quickly as possible because the longer we put up with the pain, the more the pain can eat away at our heart and soul. As pain eats away at us, we can then begin to feel self pity which weakens us all the more. When we find ourselves in the grip of pain, we must call upon Christ to bring His power over us. Christ will heal us of every hurt. Christ will make every bruise go away. Christ will take us to a time when all pain shall be gone.

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