Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hebrews 11:6 And Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God, Because Anyone Who Comes To Him Must Believe That He Exists And That He Rewards Those Who Earnestly Seek.

Christ will give us our rewards. He will give us gifts beyond our ability to comprehend using our earthly mind and soul. We will inherit a new world where our current burdens will be no more. When we pray, we can pour out our pain to Christ who knows all about our pain and suffering…knowing He is always listening to us. Christ Jesus, our blessed Savior, comes to us in our darkest hour. In our darkest hour Christ gives us the hope of ages past by showing us we will live in heaven when a new order of things is now in place for us. Pain can degrade us and destroy us. Pain has a way of making everything seem meaningless. When we pray to Jesus and ask Him for hope, then He comes to us and gives us the assurance our pain is only temporary. When we pray Jesus comes to us and shows us the long night of our suffering will soon fade away because the dawn of our new life in heaven is almost here.

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