Saturday, January 7, 2012

Col. 1:5 The Faith And Love That Spring From The Hope That Is Stored Up For You In Heaven And That You Have Already Heard About In The Word Of Truth, The Gospel

If there is anything we need, then we need faith and love. Even more than a relief from our pain, we need faith and love. We are able to possess faith and love because we have hope. We have a certainty Christ will wipe away every one of our tears. We have hope, faith, and love because the words of Christ are written for us in His scripture. Our hope gives us a picture of our future…a picture so sweet and full of life we have difficulty even trying to grasp the full extent of our future days. Our hope gives us a picture of our life to come when our life is full of love…the purist love that could ever be. Our hope gives us an enduring real life time when we will not have to live in the valley of tears we call this present earth and time. Christ came to earth to give us faith, hope, and love. In Him and through Him, we have a future when faith, hope, and love become our reality.

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