Monday, January 30, 2012

Acts 8:21 You Have No Part Or Share In This Ministry, Because Your Heart Is Not Right Before God. 22 Repent Of This Wickedness And Pray To The Lord. Perhaps He Will Forgive You For Having Such A Thought In Your Heart. 23 For I See That You Are Full Of Bitterness And Captive To Sin.

Your present pain and suffering will come to an end. Christ died on the cross so your present pain will be erased forever. All of us who hurt, who perhaps have hurt for many years, face the daunting task dealing with bitterness and anger brought on by our pain. Placing your life in Christ’s hands enables Him to heal your heart and make your bitterness and anger go away. Bitterness and anger over pain in the present or past can freeze your heart as the bitterness and anger lock you into a place of darkness. When we come to realize we are in the grip of bitterness and anger brought on by our pain, Christ enables us to turn away. Christ enables us to turn away from being imprisoned by our pain, our bitterness, and our anger. Repentance is not only a process to confront our own wrongdoing; repentance is also a process to confront the wrongdoing others and life circumstances have done to us.

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