Sunday, January 8, 2012

Philip. 4:4 Rejoice In The Lord Always. I Will Say It Again: Rejoice!

When we are in pain, the word "rejoice" can ring hallow. However, we must look beyond the mere human meaning of the above verse. The above verse does not tell us to rejoice about conditions in our life at the moment. The above verse does tell us to rejoice in the Lord. When we think about God, when we think about how God is love, about Christ coming to earth to save us and take us into heaven to be with Him, then we can begin to get an inkling of the meaning of the Apostle Paul's words. In the fullest meaning of the verse, we can rejoice in our suffering because we are valuable enough to Christ we are being attacked by Satan making us hurt. We can count as gain how Satan is trying to make us lose or Satan has caused us to suffer loss. In a magnificent supernatural sense, we can always live in a state of joy because the Lord blesses us and keeps us. We can rejoice because we are loved and forgiven by God. We can rejoice because our future in eternal heaven in assured. No matter how difficult our present life may be or may become, we have another life waiting for us just beyond the clouds. Praise His Name. Amen.

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