Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Peter 1:10 Therefore, My Brothers, Be All The More Eager To Make Your Calling And Election Sure. For If You Do These Things, You Will Never Fall,

We are fallible. We fall down. We make mistakes. We make mistakes knowing we are making mistakes. We are hopeless and without hope if we do not have Christ as our Savior and Lord. Some of us are in so much pain we cannot be truly “eager” and we are not always as keen about making our election sure. Because of our pain, we fail and we may fail often. What must God be thinking when we sees us fall down because of our pain or because of our pain and our sin working against us? God is a being of compassion. When God sees us make mistakes for any reason, He understands more about us than we understand about ourselves. When God sees us make mistakes He is grieved and wants us to be grieved. As difficult as being righteous is for those of us in pain, pain must never be an excuse to be unrighteous. We must have a hurting heart because we make mistakes. When we have a hurting heart because we make mistakes, Christ will forgive us and pour His healing love over us.

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