Sunday, January 29, 2012

John 8:44 Ye Are Of Your Father The Devil, And The Lusts Of Your Father Ye Will Do. He Was A Murderer From The Beginning, And Abode Not In The Truth, Because There Is No Truth In Him. When He Speaketh A Lie, He Speaketh Of His Own: For He Is A Liar, And The Father Of It.

Satan is the author of death.

Satan's purpose in injuring you is to take you away from God and God's healing love. Satan’s last act in every human life is to destroy each of us by causing our death. Instead of our suffering death forever, Christ went in our place. Christ suffered death in our place so we could have eternal life. In our trials and pain, God does not forsake us, even when it seems He has turned His back on us and left us alone. Our God is a compassionate God. When you are hurting, God hurts with you. When you are suffering, God suffers with you. You never suffer alone, even when you may feel alone. When you are injured, give the hurt to Christ. Surrender every pain and every torment into the scars of His hands. Over the course of eternity, Christ will save you from torment by giving you a perfect life free of pain…a perfect life in heaven.

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