Thursday, January 12, 2012

Psalm 68:35 You Are Awesome, O God, In Your Sanctuary; The God Of Israel Gives Power And Strength To His People. Praise Be To God!

In pain, we do not have enough power and enough strength. Our pain weakens us and degrades us. In pain, we are to cling to God. From God we can receive strength and power to not just survive but to prosper. We may not prosper as the world understands prosperity. However, we will prosper in our understanding of God. We will prosper in understanding how He works in all matters. God gives His strength and power to the afflicted because He loves them. God understands we want an end to our afflictions. Over time, and over the span of our life, God will bless us, even in our darkest of hours. God’s strength and power will help us find humility as our ego is diminished in our pain. When we fully put our life in the hands of God, He makes us better instead of bitter.

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