Thursday, January 26, 2012

Psalm 38:17 For I Am About To Fall, And My Pain Is Ever With Me. 18 I Confess My Iniquity; I Am Troubled By My Sin. 19 Many Are Those Who Are My Vigorous Enemies; Those Who Hate Me Without Reason Are Numerous.

When you are in real pain you can often be immobilized in body, mind, and spirit. In real pain, what was normal for you before becomes incredibly difficult, perhaps even impossible. In real pain you can be totally distracted and unable to concentrate on even routine matters. Pain can destroy your ability to focus on routine matters. Your ability to pray can be hampered or worse. In real pain, what was normal yesterday will not be normal. Your normal abilities can be severely challenged when you are in pain. In pain, Christ can seem to be so far away He may seem not to exist. When you are in pain, you must learn to live one moment at a time. Learn to pray, one moment at a time. Learn to live each moment as a moment lived for Christ and Him alone. In all the moments you live for Christ, there will come one special moment when you see Him face to face. You will see Him smiling and He will tell you about your wonderful life to come in His mansion built just for you.

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