Friday, January 13, 2012

Philip. 4:13 I Can Do Everything Through Him Who Gives Me Strength.

We can do everything God wills for us to do. God does not tell us to do anything we want to do. In all the things God wants us to do we can do everything He wants us to do because He gives us power and strength. What God wants us to do when we are in pain may be incredibly difficult. However, if God wills us, God empowers us. God gives us strength when we align our will in the same direction as His will. We may be lame and unable to walk in this life. However, if the Lord wills us to be patient and show others love, then God will give us the power to show others love. God does not will us to do sinful acts. God does not will us to go in directions leading us into temptation. In the weakness of our pain, we must keep our heart and mind solely on what God wants for us and from us. By focusing our strength on what God wants for us and from us, we will receive His utmost reward when we see Him face to face.

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