Friday, January 27, 2012

Psalm 38:20 Those Who Repay My Good With Evil Slander Me When I Pursue What Is Good. 21 O LORD, Do Not Forsake Me; Be Not Far From Me, O My God. 22 Come Quickly To Help Me, O Lord My Savior.

When you are in real pain, you cannot do what you normally do. When your pain gets intense, you may be totally distracted, you may be unable to pray, and you may be unable to focus. When you are in intense pain, it may seem Christ does not exist. Even when Christ seems not to exist, remember He is where you are, no matter how far away He seems to be at the time.

Pain is a weapon your great adversary uses against you. Pain creates the illusion Christ is far away and not present within you. However, the illusion Christ is far away is only an illusion. The reality of every moment of your life, even the painful moments, is that Christ is within you and beside you. Even in your moments of intense pain, you can walk with Him and talk with Him. Only Christ can truly understand what you are going through. In your pain, even when you erroneously think He has deserted you, you must remain with Him.

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