Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jeremiah 50:34 Yet Their Redeemer Is Strong; The Lord Almighty Is His Name. He Will Vigorously Defend Their Cause So That He May Bring Rest To Their Land, But Unrest To Those Who Live In Babylon.

Those of us in pain want a new life. We do not want to live in pain any longer. Our pain is a terrible burden. We must keep in mind God will redeem us. God will give us a new life. God will, at some point in our life, give us eternal protection in the land of glory through Christ Jesus. In this time, in this place where we suffer, we do not suffer alone, for Christ is with us every moment. Even now, Christ is preparing a place for us. Christ is preparing a place for us where our mortal enemy cannot come. In Christ, we can have joyous rest, peace, and love without bounds or limits. God is the strongest power in all creation. God is our friend, not our enemy. Christ Jesus is our comforter.

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