Friday, November 25, 2011

Psalm 10:17 You Hear, O Lord, The Desire Of The Afflicted; You Encourage Them, And You Listen To Their Cry,

In our pain, we need a listening ear. We need someone who totally understands us. We need someone to encourage us. We need someone who sees and knows our pain. We have Someone. Our Someone is Jesus. Every time we fall down or fall apart, every time we are so full of pain we cannot see, every time we have no power, He is with us. He is with us to see us through the darkness. He is with us to give us His light so we do not stumble and fall in the dark hours. He is with us to give us power to move about another day. He is with us to bring His peace and love to the world. He does not want us to lose heart. He wants our best even when we are beset by our worst.

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