Monday, October 31, 2011

Psalm 89:19 Once You Spoke In A Vision, To Your Faithful People You Said: "I Have Bestowed Strength On A Warrior; I Have Exalted A Young Man From Among The People."

No matter whom we are, male, female, rich, or poor, we are empowered by God. None of us will ever know the full extent of our empowerment by God until we see Christ face to face. When we are broken, in pain, fallen, defeated, or helpless, we must keep in mind we are empowered by God, even in the sorry state in which we may find ourselves. Each of us can be a warrior against the pervasive darkness all around us. God fully expects each of us to be His warrior on the earth. God expects us to be His warrior using His weapons of love, forgiveness, and holy contrition. In every case, God wants us to deliver victory for Him. In delivering victory for Him, we in turn achieve victory for ourselves.

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