Monday, November 14, 2011

Psalm 142:3 When My Spirit Grows Faint Within Me, It Is You Who Know My Way. In The Path Where I Walk Men Have Hidden A Snare For Me.

Indeed, our spirits do grow faint within us. We face so many obstacles at every point in our life! You would think getting older would be a time when obstacles are few. On Earth, we can live what looks like a perfect life. We can receive the highest rewards and honors given to us by men and women. However, persons who are getting older find they have more obstacles than ever. At every age, we must come against what Satan has designed to destroy us. Yet, for those of us who have accepted Christ as Lord, we shall see Him face to face. When we see Him face to face, He shall give us an eternal life where there are no more obstacles. He shall give us a life where there is no more death, no more crying, and no more mourning. In heaven, we shall not have those who are hiding snares to entrap us. In heaven, we shall have a perfect life forever. Praise His Name. Amen.

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