Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Matthew 8:17 This Was To Fulfill What Was Spoken Through The Prophet Isaiah: "He Took Up Our Infirmities And Carried Our Diseases."

When we hurt, Jesus knows. Jesus doesn't just intellectually know about our hurt. Jesus knows about our hurt because He has carried and is now carrying our hurt. We do not serve a God who does not want to be a part of our life. We serve a God who IS a part of our life if we ask Him to come into our heart. Our Jesus, will at the end of or life, take all of our hurt, pain, mistakes, and suffering into His nail-scarred hands. He will make every awful moment disappear forever. He will erase every scar with His scars. He will erase every hurt with His love and grace. Although we must wait for Him to do His perfect work in us, while we are waiting He will be with us, telling us how much He loves us in order to give us His sustaining power until the great day of our crossing over to see Him face to face.

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