Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Col. 3:2 Set Your Minds On Things Above, Not On Earthly Things.

Pain makes us think about the pain and not much else. Pain is an earthly thing. In setting our mind on God and His heavenly things, we must do so to try and alleviate some of the effects of what pain does to us. When we set our minds on things above, we take our mind out of this world and put our mind into the heavenly realms. In the heavenly realms we will be fully and totally healed. We will not be suffering. The closer we can come to putting our mind on heavenly things in the here and now, the closer we come to finding a way to deal with our pain. When we do meditation, we can think about heaven or things above rather than the darkness of pain here on earth. In heaven, we have power undreamed of here on earth. Heaven is not our present reality. Heaven is a place we know little about but a place just as real as our present earth. Heaven is a place defined by love and peace flowing from God and Christ the Son.

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