Friday, November 18, 2011

Luke 11:33 No One Lights A Lamp And Puts It In A Place Where It Will Be Hidden, Or Under A Bowl. Instead He Puts It On Its Stand, So That Those Who Come In May See The Light.

We are not to draw attention to the darkness of our pain. We are to show others the Light of Christ. We are to light up the life of others. We are not to diminish others with any kind of darkness. When others face difficulties we are to lighten their load. We are to give encouragement. Our pain is to be used to glorify God without drawing attention to our pain. The light of Christ, the light we are to show others, is the healing light of our Lord. In every matter, whether we are in pain or not, we are to be Christ's child. When we are His child, we begin to light up the part of the world Christ has given us. We do not rule the world. However, God gave us a tiny portion of the world called our life over which we can rule. No matter who we are, or where we are, we are to be Christ's person in all ways at all times. When we have let the light of Christ shine out from within our heart, we will leave the earth better for our being alive.

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