Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zech. 2:8 For This Is What The Lord Almighty Says: "After He Has Honored Me And Has Sent Me Against The Nations That Have Plundered You--For Whoever Touches You Touches The Apple Of His Eye"

There is a consequence to those who inflict pain and suffering upon others. God is not remote and far off. God deals with people who inflict pain and suffering upon others. We do not always see the consequences of doing evil. Of course, we see the headlines about evil people being punished. What we do not see are the consequences of doing evil for those persons who seem to "get away with it." Be assured, people who seem to "get away with it" will stand before God's judgment seat. No one can escape the infinite hand of God. No one can escape from God's infinite wrath when a person has decided to go against God. It may seem God will let anyone go in any direction they desire. For many people who do not love God with all their heart, all their soul, and all their might, God will let them move out of His protective hand. In our pain and suffering, we can often feel angry God is not helping us. However, we must never move away from Him. Even if we are angry with Him, we must always call Him Lord and do as He asks us to do.

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