Friday, November 11, 2011

Isaiah 53:3 He Was Despised And Rejected By Men, A Man Of Sorrows, And Familiar With Suffering. Like One From Whom Men Hide Their Faces He Was Despised, And We Esteemed Him Not.

When we are in pain, the Lord is with us. He knows our pain. He suffers with us because He lives in our heart. He does not live apart from us in any respect. Every moment of our pain He feels our pain with us. In our dark hours, He calls out to us. In the hours of our darkness, He is with us giving us His comforting love. We need never feel alone, although we do feel alone in our pain. Knowing our sorrows is not enough for Christ. There will come a time, a time of glory, when He will take us to be with Him. There will come a time when He will take us to be with Him and all our suffering will be turned into joy unspeakable.

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