Sunday, November 20, 2011

Isaiah 63:9 In All Their Distress He Too Was Distressed, And The Angel Of His Presence Saved Them. In His Love And Mercy He Redeemed Them; He Lifted Them Up And Carried Them All The Days Of Old.

In our pain, we must be aware about how much we are carried by the Lord. In our pain and trials, the Lord lifts us up every moment. Christ wants only the best from us and for us. Christ will be our defender all of our days. When trouble befalls us, Christ is with us to see us through our trouble. Christ gave Himself for us so we could be saved through Him. In the last moments of our earthly life, the Lord's angels will stand guard over us until it is time to take us sailing above the clouds into our new eternal home. We should have no concern for our future days because Christ has carved in indelible stone a heavenly destiny for us if we would but call Him Lord.

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