Monday, November 7, 2011

Romans 8:32 He Who Did Not Spare His Own Son, But Gave Him Up For Us All--How Will He Not Also, Along With Him, Graciously Give Us All Things?

"All things" are possible with God. "All things" is a lot to be given. Of course, most of us in pain know on a level not known by those who do not suffer how we will likely not be given "all things" on earth. However, in heaven, where the miraculous is a normal occurrence, we will indeed have "all things." We can try to imagine another life or lifetime or existence where "all things" belong to us. However, can we truly imagine "all things" even being possible? In truth, we cannot fully imagine "all things" because our finite mind cannot hold the knowledge, wisdom, power, and experience of "all things." "All things" to you would not be "all things" to someone else. Each person has a different idea as to what "all things" means. Yet, our God is faithful, loving, and wise. In His power, He can and will give each of us the kind of "all things" each of us will understand. We will be filled with a glory divine when we ascend to His other shore where pain and suffering do not exist. "All things" is of the infinite. "All things" is wrapped in the love of God carrying us forever to the reaches of heaven only to find we shall be coming around again for helping after helping of His mighty grace, love, and power.

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