Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hebrews 4:9 There Remains, Then, A Sabbath-Rest For The People Of God;

In our pain we need rest. Many times the pain takes away our ability to rest physically, emotionally, or spiritually. However, no matter how much the pain wears us out, God is our refuge. In Him, we can hide in the cleft of the rock for He is the Cleft. Eventually, when we go home to be with God, with Jesus, and with the angels, we shall have an eternal rest but we shall not sleep. In heaven, our rest shall be instantly complete while we are awake in joy and excitement at finally being home. On earth, in the here and now, even though we are in pain, we can rest in the knowledge God has worked out our future with Him. In only the twinkling of an eye, in only a tiny wisp of a moment, we shall not be here but over there on the golden shore. We shall be free of all alarm, all temptations, all afflictions, and all our pain forever. What a glorious hope we have, knowing our hope shall become reality!

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