Thursday, November 24, 2011

Psalm 86:5 You Are Forgiving And Good, O Lord, Abounding In Love To All Who Call To You.

Whenever we are in pain, our ideas and perspectives about God can become distorted. We can think God is the source of our pain when He is not. We can lapse into anger and unrighteousness. We can think no one loves us. We can become isolated and alone. However, God does not conform to our ideas of Him. God is a being of forgiveness. When we hold God to blame for our pain, God forgives us for our error in thinking. God is good in every possible way we can conceive of good and goodness. In all the rotten aspects of our dark present world, God is all goodness and light. In our pain, we must know Him as our God of love. We must remind ourselves God's healing love is for us, in us, all around us, above us, before us, and under us. We must remember God's healing love is infinite.

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