Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ephes. 1:3 Praise Be To The God And Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who Has Blessed Us In The Heavenly Realms With Every Spiritual Blessing In Christ.

In pain, we must hold on to what we know about God, even when we cannot experience what we know is real from Him. We must remain strong while we are in pain. We must not weaken or falter. We must continually look up, even in the blindness of our pain, for as long as we look up, God will surely bless us and keep us for that day when we shall rejoice with Him in glory. We must rejoice and give thanks, for even in our pain, our Lord is working for us each moment. Just from the fact we have spiritual blessings in our pain should give us great joy and the hope of living in greater joy in the life to come. Praise be to God for we can believe and know of His love for us. Praise be to God even in our pain we are still victors in Christ's name.

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