Thursday, November 10, 2011

Col. 2:9 For In Christ All The Fullness Of The Deity Lives In Bodily Form, 10 And You Have Been Given Fullness In Christ, Who Is The Head Over Every Power And Authority.

…you have been given…

In pain, we need. We may not want to need. We may be revolted by the very idea of needing because of our pain. However, whatever needs we have ever had in any respect, shall not be just filled by God, our needs shall be become non-existent in God's infinite love. We have been given all things. We have been given love unbounded. We have been given infinite grace. In our future, in our days yet to be, we shall never have a need of any kind again. Our times of aloneness shall be gone. Our pain shall be no more. Our worry shall vanish. Our regrets shall be vanquished. Whatever kind of life we have known on the earth shall be replaced by the glory and splendor of Almighty God.

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