Monday, November 21, 2011

Psalm 102:19-20 "The Lord Looked Down From His Sanctuary On High, From Heaven He Viewed The Earth, To Hear The Groans Of The Prisoners And Release Those Condemned To Death."

So often in our pain, we think God is not listening. In our pain, we think He no longer loves us or cares about us. In our pain, we can be mistaken in our thinking God has left us alone, as orphans to be devoured by the darkness. God's reality is just the opposite of what we so easily think about Him. God is with us every moment. God knows our struggles. He hears the groans and pleas of those who suffer. Christ came to the world to release us from the bondage of our sin, our pain, and from death. In Christ, we have life eternal. Because Christ died and rose again for us, we are free. We are free of all our trials the moment Christ calls us home to be with Him in eternity. Someday, we shall be with Him. We shall sail above the clouds and above the stars…to a place where only peace, love, and grace prevail.

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