Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 Peter 1:15 But Just As He Who Called You Is Holy, So Be Holy In All You Do; 16 For It Is Written: "Be Holy, Because I Am Holy."

The great quest of every life is the quest to be holy, godly, and devout before God. Terribly, looking at human behavior in the world, it seems few people accept or even recognize God's calling upon their heart to be holy, godly, and devout. God calls us and expects us to be holy, whether we are in pain or not. Our pain tries to drive us away from God and His holiness. We are to wage war against the unholy darkness in our life. Our pain is an unholy darkness. When we let the unholy darkness of our pain win out and drive us into sinfulness, the voice of Christ within us is smothered out. Our quest for holiness is the quest to keep the voice of Christ alive in our heart and soul. We keep the voice of Christ alive in us when we resist temptation. We keep the voice of Christ alive within us by kneeling at the foot of Christ's cross in holy contrition.

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