Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romans 8:23 Not Only So, But We Ourselves, Who Have The First Fruits Of The Spirit, Groan Inwardly As We Wait Eagerly For Our Adoption As Sons, The Redemption Of Our Bodies.

In many of the pathways of life, there is pain. In our pain, God hurts when we hurt. He suffers our pain along with us. When we hurt, God is always calling out to us telling us He loves us and cares about us. God's healing love through the Holy Spirit flows over our life when we are in pain. However, pain is still a part of our reality. God wants us to grow and mature when we are in pain. Growing and maturing when we are in pain is itself a difficult endeavor. However, there is more. We must use our pain to glorify God. Why God does not stop our pain is often a deep mystery. God must follow universal conventions or rules He set down at the beginning of time until Christ returns. We may come to understand pain has no purpose except to pull us away from God. We must also understand pain will end when we see Jesus either in Heaven or when He returns to Earth. In pain, we have a hope greater than our suffering. In pain, we have a victory that cannot be diminished out. In pain, we have a most divine and wonderful distraction…a future full of glory, peace, and tearless joy with Christ.

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