Saturday, February 25, 2012

Luke 7:21 At That Very Time Jesus Cured Many Who Had Diseases, Sicknesses And Evil Spirits, And Gave Sight To Many Who Were Blind.

We will all be cured. Those of us who believe in the name of Christ, at the instant of our transformation into our new life in heaven will be cured. Until then, we must hope and pray for others even when we are in pain and need a cure ourselves. Some people are blessed with perfect health from birth. Other people are cursed with poor health from the beginning. Some people never experience chronic pain. Other people are in chronic pain for decades. If faith was the only way to perfect health the hospitals would all be empty and the churches would all be full. Perfect health may come to us for awhile but perfect health may not endure. Most importantly, the focus of our life whether we are in pain or not in pain must be upon Christ and Him only. Reaching out to Christ each day brings about a time when we will be cured, either on earth or definitely in heaven. We must not doubt our cure is waiting. We must not doubt we will see an end to our pain, sickness, and trials unending. We must not doubt!!!

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