Tuesday, February 28, 2012

John 5:24 "I Tell You The Truth, Whoever Hears My Word And Believes Him Who Sent Me Has Eternal Life And Will Not Be Condemned; He Has Crossed Over From Death To Life."

Our pain can make life pretty awful. Not only do we face the horrors of terrorism, crime, violence, and temptations, but we also face the grim reality of pain. We also face the grim reality of our personal death. Our life is like being on death row, not knowing the day, hour, or minute the guards are going to come to take us for our execution. If we are honest, we do know we really ARE on death row. In addition, we do not know the day, hour, or minute of our impending death. Not only are we in pain, but we are all condemned to die. What a terrible fate we have! But wait! Our soul, our person, our identity, our consciousness, the very part of us we refer to as "me" is not going to die. But wait! There is even more good news. The most important news of all time is…we can have eternal life after our body goes to sleep in death. Not only can we have eternal life for our conscious minds, but we can also have an eternal life in a place of beauty, wonder, happiness, serenity, and love…a place called heaven.

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