Thursday, February 16, 2012

Matthew 24:1 Jesus Left The Temple And Was Walking Away When His Disciples Came Up To Him To Call His Attention To Its Buildings. 2 "Do You See All These Things?" He Asked. "I Tell You The Truth, Not One Stone Here Will Be Left On Another; Every One Will Be Thrown Down."

Peace and joy in the middle of searing pain are possible because God is always present in the middle of searing pain. When we lose contact with God in our pain we must remember God has not abandoned us. We must continue to hold on to Christ’s reality even when Satan has destroyed our contact with the Lord. How we can experience the Lord’s peace in the middle of our pain is not known. However, we accept the reality of God's peace because we know we have had this experience of peace. In pain, the Lord’s love is above us, below us, and all around us. We live in God’s love, even when we are attacked with pain. No power in the universe can ever separate us from the love of God…even if we are in pain and we realistically believe God no longer exists because of our pain. In every darkness, in every trial unending, in every devastation, the power of God is the most certain reality in any reality.

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