Monday, February 27, 2012

Matthew 1:21 She Will Give Birth To A Son,…

No human being receives some kind of special protection from pain and suffering. Every person suffers to some extent one way or another. The Blessed Virgin suffered likely suffered the pain of child birth. She worried about Christ possibly getting lost as a boy. Her heart was pierced with the most incredible of pains as she looked upon Christ being crucified. For all people there is a place called heaven if we choose Christ to be Lord of our life. In the life of Jesus, there was no protection from pain and suffering. He suffered as we suffer. He hurt as we hurt. In our human way of thinking, we would, as humans, expect special protection for Mary and Joseph from pain. In fact, there was no protection. Likewise for us, we who are called by God to do His will each day will find there will be pain and suffering in our life. However, for you and me, a mansion sits waiting in the midst of paradise. In our mansion in Heaven we will forever be immersed in God's peace and joy.

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