Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 Corinthians 8:2 Out Of The Most Severe Trial, Their Overflowing Joy And Their Extreme Poverty Welled Up In Rich Generosity. 3 For I Testify That They Gave As Much As They Were Able, And Even Beyond Their Ability.

Our greatest test of faith is giving in pain. Our severest test of faith is not giving till it hurts. Our severest test of faith is giving while it hurts. Giving is easy when we are free of pain and trials. Giving can be excruciatingly difficult when we are in pain because pain turns us inward, making us selfish. In pain, our faith is eroded as the underpinnings of our heart, mind, and soul are eaten away. In the midst of our great test of faith as we experience painful trials, Christ understands. In our pain Christ will come to us and be with us so we are empowered to give through Him. Christ will give us His power of love so we may give to others as we overcome our trials even when our pain persists. The satanic power of evil tries to block out the healing light of Christ. In the darkness of pain, we can get lost, we no longer give, and we lose our focus upon Christ. Yet, we must not be dismayed or discouraged. We must not be dismayed or discouraged because we are the victors over darkness, pain, suffering, and evil. We are the victors because we have won eternal life through Christ.

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