Friday, February 3, 2012

1 John 2:17 The World And Its Desires Pass Away, But The Man Who Does The Will Of God Lives Forever.

We cannot always fully know what God's will is for us on a second by second basis. Being in pain can cloud over many things in our life. Pain brings confusion and lack of focus on most everything except the pain. Reading the scripture, can give us a clear indicator of God’s will for us. In the scripture, we can learn God's will for us when we come to deal with other persons, when we come to deal with Him, and when we are confronted with sin and corruption. In pain, we are more susceptible to temptation. We can know God's will when we are confronted with temptation by relying on His word. We can know what God wants us to do when we see the pain, suffering, and hurt of life. We know we are to reach out and touch the hurting, help mend the broken, and support with prayer all those who need Him most. Being in pain ourselves, gives us a unique opportunity to understand others more fully.

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