Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hebrews 10: 22 Let Us Draw Near To God With A Sincere Heart In Full Assurance Of Faith, Having Our Hearts Sprinkled To Cleanse Us From A Guilty Conscience And Having Our Bodies Washed With Pure Water.

Even in our pain, only God's way is the sure way. Our pain draws and quarters us. Our pain seeks to destroy our soul. Our pain wants us to renounce Christ. However, only God's way leads to glory and immortality. When our plans and goals go awry because of our pain, Christ still calls us to work for His goals and follow His plans. Our pain can twist our ideas about where we should go and what we should do so our ideas do not reflect Christ. However, we must keep Christ always before us. In the tangled sinful mysteries of life, we can tell ourselves our plans are godly even when we know they are not godly. We can tell ourselves we are doing God's will, even when know we are doing our own will. We must wage war against the dark powers by affirming Christ each moment and remaining in prayer hour by hour.

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