Monday, February 6, 2012

Proverbs 18:14 A Man's Spirit Sustains Him In Sickness, But A Crushed Spirit Who Can Bear?

Most people face times of illness or sickness. Some illnesses or sicknesses can be a major circumstance lingering on for years. Other illnesses or sicknesses can be relatively minor and may go away in a few days. When we feel sick, we may not feel like praying, reading the Bible, or meditating upon the Lord's love. Even when we do not feel like praying, we must remember He is still with us. Even when we feel really, really awful physically, God is still with us. When we are ill, we still need to remember to pray, whether we feel like praying or not. When we pray during a time of illness, it may not seem like we are contacting Christ, but in faith, we know His is listening and working on our behalf. When we speak to the Lord in prayer, we must ask Him to keep our attitude positive. A positive attitude in sickness helps us defeat the darkness. When we rest our sickness in the Lord's hand, His love will temper the pain.

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