Thursday, February 23, 2012

Proverbs 13:5 The Righteous Hate What Is False, But The Wicked Bring Shame And Disgrace

Facing or telling the truth about your life, even facing the truth about your pain is difficult. Telling yourself the truth means you have to tell yourself things that are painful, hurtful, or embarrassing. Sometimes living a lie, even about your pain or the consequences of your pain, can seem to be easier than telling the truth. However, living a lie takes away your freedom. Telling the truth, brings you freedom, even when the truth is hurtful. Telling yourself the truth can even put more pain on top of the pain you already have. Admitting we are helpless about our pain can be a difficult admission to make. Some of the pain of our life can be the result of our sin. To admit we cause some of the pain and darkness in our life and in the life of others can often be too much for us to bear. In response, we then lie to ourselves rather than telling ourselves the truth. However, there is a glorious and grand result from telling ourselves the truth about our life. When we tell ourselves the truth, we are set free from our prison. When we tell ourselves the truth, we are released from the prison of our lies, freed from the prison of our guilt, and set free from the chains of our denial.

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