Sunday, February 12, 2012

John 8:12 When Jesus Spoke Again To The People, He Said, "I Am The Light Of The World. Whoever Follows Me Will Never Walk In Darkness, But Will Have The Light Of Life."

Pain creates a condition in us where we get lost. We lose our bearings. We lose our moral center. We even lose Christ. When we reach a point in our pain where we are deep in darkness, Christ understands. In our darkness of pain, we can call upon Christ and He will lead us back to Him. Christ will lead us home. Christ’s love and grace will always be with us, no matter what. Christ’s love will always be a comfort to us. Even when we are far from Him, He is always near to us. Christ is never far away, because He lives within our heart. Christ’s presence in your life enables you to deal with every kind of pain, trial, and affliction. As much as our pain blinds us, Christ’s power within us removes our blindness. Christ gives us our sight, even in our blinding pain. When Christ restores our sight we no longer live in any kind of darkness. We may always have our pain. Yet, even if we have our pain, we shall see clearly how Christ is standing next to us every hour.

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