Saturday, February 18, 2012

Psalms 121:3 O Israel, Put Your Hope In The Lord Both Now And Forevermore.

Heaven is full of hope. Since heaven is infinite, how much hope is there? When the pain comes upon you, your hope can slip away. When pain comes upon you, Christ is ready to pour His hope from heaven upon you. In pain or at any other time, you need hope to fuel you and keep you going. Your heart and soul need hope to keep you moving forward. When hopelessness is trying to destroy you, Christ will come and intervene for you. Christ will come to you in your darkness and give you the power of hope. The light of Christ is the hope of the world. The light of Christ is your personal hope for living each moment. The devastation of pain is erased by Christ's hope. When the pain within your heart seeks to destroy you, the comfort of Christ and His hope give you renewed vision and purpose in spite of the pain. The hope of God falls down upon you to give you new visions of His work He calls you to do.

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