Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Psalm 61:12 With God We Will Gain The Victory, And He Will Trample Down Our Enemies.

The human soul is tortured in temptation when we are devout and resist the temptation. The human body is tortured when we are in physical or emotional pain. Pain and temptation reduce us and degrade us. We can and sometimes do believe God has forgotten us during our greatest trials of pain and temptation. Pain and temptation are Satan's weapons of mass destruction as Satan makes us the target. In this great battle with Satan, Christ does not leave us without resources. The Holy Spirit full of power to heal, restore, and preserve will guard you and keep you. We must never give up or give in to our trials. We must persevere no matter what the cost is to us. We must keep on keeping on so Christ in us empowers us to win.

When pain blinds you, you must remember, with God you can have a vision beyond what you physically see. When you feel the pain, you must proclaim God's love in your heart, even when your pain causes you to not feel His love. Your proclamation of Christ's love brings His presence. You must call upon God to break the chains of pain enslaving you. Christ's freedom and light bring you respite and relief in your pain.

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