Monday, February 13, 2012

Hebrews 4:12 For The Word Of God Is Living And Active. Sharper Than Any Double-Edged Sword, It Penetrates Even To Dividing Soul And Spirit, Joints And Marrow; It Judges The Thoughts And Attitudes Of The Heart.

In a world full of pain, we can often starve to find a source of wisdom, truth, and love. Others may not understand what a life of pain is all about. There is a source of wisdom each of us can use whether we are in pain or not. The source is the Word of God, The Bible. For many people there is a huge disconnection with the Bible. People in pain may find the words of the Bible do not apply to them. People in pain want relief and words on a page do not always bring the relief needed. However, if a person in pain will open up his or her heart to the love of God found in every word of the Bible, every word will touch the heart and the pain. We must consider how much God loves us. We must consider how much God wants us to know Him and know His truth. If you have ever had a relationship with someone who gave you “the silent treatment” then you should know God is the opposite of a person who does not want to talk with you.

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